Who are PRG Property Investments? 

PRG Property Investments is a specialist in sourcing new Houses, Townhouses, Villas and Apartments for Investors wishing to purchase Residential Properties. 

PRG also specialises in obtaining properties that result in providing a Cash Flow Positive outcome for Property Investors. 

PRG commenced in February 1993 and act independently in sourcing properties for investors. 

Since inception the company has sold over 4,000 residential properties to Investors. 

During the last five years we helped develop more that $50 million worth of residential property. 

What are the Tax Advantages? 

New residential investment properties attract significant taxation benefits, including depreciation of the fixtures & fittings and a 40 year building allowance. The Depreciation Allowances on an average Investment Property amount to a tax claim of $244 per week , at the marginal tax rate of 39% means you receive a tax refund of $95 per week. 

Additional costs such as Property Management fees, Mortgage Interest, Rates & Taxes are also tax deductible. With low interest rates most of the properties are now Cash Flow Positive. 

Some of these tax benefits only apply to new dwellings specifically built as Investment Properties.In other words, if you decide to invest in an established property which is more than five years old, you may lose some of the taxation benefits. 

For more detailed information on the tax implications of investing in residential properties, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or consult your accountant or financial adviser. 

Where will my investment be located? 

We favour suburbs which promise good capital growth, good resale value, and strong rental demand. We have long standing relationships with Developers & builders to ensure your property is located in growth areas. 

Why do PRG Property Investment Homes seem more expensive than project house & land packages advertised in the papers? 

Project Home Packages advertised in the papers often quote a rock-bottom price which does not include many items that are required in a home. 

For example, most of our packages include floor coverings to the whole house, Vertical Blinds, Stainless Steel Oven, Hotplates and Rangehood, Split system Air Conditioner, Dishwasher, Overhead cupboards, Letterbox, Telephone Pre-Wire, TV Points, Ceiling Insulation, Paved Driveway & Garage Floor, Fencing & Landscaping. 

This is not an exhaustive list because our list of standard items and specifications is too long to include here. 

Our Price includes the Land and we choose suburbs which offer good capital growth. 

Can PRG Property Investments assist me through the whole process? 

We assist you all the way through the progress of your investment property being built to the completion stage. We do regular progress inspections of your property and once completed assist you with the property management side. 

We provide a worry free Service from start to finish. 

How do I take the first step? 

We can arrange an initial meeting with a PRG Property Investment consultant who will prepare a feasibility study that takes into account your income,the size of your deposit, other financial commitments, equity in your home, future rental income and costs associated with the investment property and all the tax benefits. 

We can assist clients with finance packages via independent mortgage brokers. These independent mortgage brokers will research and recommend the best finance package based on your individual needs. 

What is the NRAS? 

The NRAS stands for the National Rental Affordable Scheme (NRAS) and provides tax free payments to investors seeking to purchase an investment property. 

The current payment for the 2016/17 year is $11,048 TAX FREE and is indexed each year in April. These payments are paid by the State & Federal Government.  

Property Investors will receive these payments for a period of up to ten (10) years. Over a ten year period this equates to approx. $120,000 tax free. 

Only certain properties have been approved under this scheme so you need to check with PRG for a list of available properties. 

Do any of PRG’s Properties qualify for SMSF? 

Properties that have a deposit down and nothing else to pay until completion qualify for a SMSF. PRG has several of this type of property available. Contact PRG for a list of suitable properties.