December 2016

December 2016

We are extremely happy with PRG, especially Donna. Her customer service is excellent. She’s very knowledgeable and is always happy to assist- willing to go a little bit extra. She’s a great asset to PRG.

Alex – October 2016

I would like to say thanks again for all of your help with my investment property. You have made the process extremely easy and I am very grateful that I bought the property through you guys.  i will definitely be recommending and hopefully buy a few more properties in the future.

Dean - August 2012

Thanks very much :) finally I achieve the goal lol.  You were always approachable and helpful Donna and I appreciated that a lot, especially being so far away most of the time, it was good to know that if I needed help you were there, thank you again

Kind Regards
Andie - June 2011

Well done you guys the Success property you recommended,  looks like a winner. Thanks for the photos and your support.  - All very exciting really.

Thanks again and thanks to Donna for all the good admin and coord effort.


Peter - 21st December 2010

I would really like to thank you for all your support and help through this year. It was very generous of you to allow me to come over to QLD with the team.

Working with PRG has helped give me a fresh focus on where I am heading.

I am believing for a great 2011 and having such a great team behind us in PRG I am confident it will work out good.

Donna is a real blessing and such a great help - she is so organised, which as she knows by now I am not!!

Thanks for your emails re christmas cards etc they were great. Have a safe and wonderful Christmas.

God Bless

Richard, Julie and Samantha Ivey - 21st December 2010

Seeing as my investment property in 'Eagleride Promenade' has now settled, I thought that I would take this opportunity to say a tremendous thanks to yourself Paul and PRG.  If you hadn't come to me with such a 'compelling argument' last year, I would have fallen into the same category that you described to me of people that 'were always going to do something', but never do. I've been over to Melbourne to see the properties progress 3 times now, the last one being just before settlement and I can honestly say that it's going to be a very lucky family that has that house to live in, it's superb! The other thing that I found in Melbourne, is that everything that you said about the potential and the future growth is a feeling shared by everybody that I spoke to over there. It's so different to here in Perth and there's a real positive 'vibe' about the place and the future.

So my sincere thanks to you Paul for assisting me in starting me off with my first investment property, for keeping me in the loop and your assistance through the whole process. I'd also like to mention Donna at PRG, who has been brilliant with getting answers to any questions that I've had and, like you, is always a phone call away (even on a Sunday afternoon, sorry about that Paul).

You both have made it a very easy and seamless experience.

I would also like to say sorry about United last night, but I won't!

Patrick WA - May 2009

I received the keys to my new property and inspected it with the managing agent and I liked it.  I also loved the access to the freeway and the fact that you can get to Melbourne really quickly.  I am not an expert - but the house looked good.  I also got a favourable comment from the bank after their visit (as part of the final payment).  They told me that the house is "as per specifications" and that they hardly ever have any problems with my builder. 

The property was leased straight away so, so far, so good and I am happy with the whole process.  Thanks a lot for all your help through this process.

Sinisa NSW - April 09

 "I found PRG Property Investments (Marian)  to be very knowledgeable of the market in Perth as well as being helpful in all aspects of buying a home, and she was able to reduce the sale price by much more that I thought possible ($15,000 more), having recommended her to all my friends already. The first questionnaire was not detailed enough for me but the first face to face sorted out everything that I wanted."

Ben WA - April 09

"Susan and I would like to thank you ALL for all your efforts.  Being our first investment property there's been a few moments of anxiety along the way but you have all been very helpful and reassuring.  You have really made it quite an easy experience for us.  Look forward to talking to you all soon."

Nick and SusanNSW - March 09